East (waag_rel021)

by Cousin Silas

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David JF
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David JF Represents the best of what contemporary ambient has to offer. Silas presents the listener with a removed yet involved view of their world as it resonates into his or her mind's eye according to the insightful notes of slow melody. Our moments of happiness and tragedy are all there, but it is the most bitter-sweet phenomena of our experience that appear highlighted. Elements of keyboard take root in the symphony as the song grows and the importance of our role in all matters ebbs and flows. Favorite track: Slow Rotations.
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa With 2 CD's and over 147 minutes of music, this album has a wealth of offerings. It's diversity comes from it spanning multiple genres containing elements of Ambient melodic, free-floating, meditative, and contemplative. My favorite tracks are Empathic Responance and New Forest, and East. Favorite track: Empathic Responance.
John Ager
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John Ager One of my favourite Cousin Silas albums, that's a 'go-to' one. johnager.co.uk/cousin-silas/
East 06:57
The Gentle Night (free) 07:21
Secrets 09:50
Just Git 08:06
More Secrets 07:33
Slow Sunrise 04:26
New Forest 03:42
Early Hours 07:38


When "Of Passing Days" commenced for the first time all those months ago and I heard those first few bars … I was overcome with the sense of the new along with that familiar feeling of the familiar … it was then that it became apparent to me that this album was going to be very special … and very special it is.

East (waag_rel021) is simply wonderful … my kind of wonderful … my kind of special. A double-album of music from an artist who is, in my opinion, at the top of his game.

Haunting synths, gentle lilting percussion, vibrant bass, intriguing field-recordings and vocal samples, and his guitar all come together in such an exemplary manner.

From the upbeat bearing of the title tracks - "East" - through to the mournful and melancholic longform piece - "Slow Rotations" - it is through the variety that is presented here that we can all bear witness to someone whose talent within the ambient musical genre knows no bounds.

I am very proud to have this double-album on weareallghosts and uphold it as a milestone in the label's evolution. This is our 30th release and one truly worthy of its peers. Its sits perfectly with both the overall Silas canon, his work specifically for weareallghosts and the entire body-of-work I am so delighted to have amassed under the waag banner.

Thank you, Cousin Silas.

This album was uploaded to Bandcamp on the 20th April, 2013 aka Record Store Day ... the day music fans and collectors support their local Record Store. Please support independent music in all its glorious forms and, if you can with the same thought in mind, please support the work of both Cousin Silas and weareallghosts. Who knows, with your support, we may see physical releases from waag in our local Record Store in time for some future Record Store Day.

You are, however, welcome to pay £0 for this recording … all we ask is that if you do so ... you promise to tell everyone you know about it.



Please Note:
A 320kbps version of this release is available over on Archive (archive.org/details/we-are-all-ghosts) for free. If you decide to download this album here for free, and you can with our best wishes, then all we ask is that you please tell people about it.


released April 22, 2013

Music by Cousin Silas
Design and Logistics by Thomas Mathie for weareallghosts.co.uk
Thomas would like to dedicate this release to Storm Thorgerson




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